The Virgin Diet – A new approach to weight loss

If you have struggled to shed pounds despite your best efforts, and if your weight and health don’t seem to reflect the focus you are putting into your diet, The Virgin Diet may be the answer you are looking for.Virgin Diet
Instead of focusing entirely on how much you eat, the Virgin Diet places much more emphasis on what you eat.

Many people are intolerant to certain food types, and consuming these will provoke a reaction within your body – these reactions span from bloating and nausea to joint pain, and can make a difference not only to your weight but your overall health.

This amazing diet identifies 7 common food types that provoke a reaction, eliminates these from the diet and then only reintroduces them when it is clear that they are not a cause of a reaction.
While avoiding the key foods to avoid may initially seem a challenge, careful planning of meals can make this much easier, and research can ensure that snacks do not include these foodstuffs.

So what are these foods to avoid?

Full details are included in the information section, but the foods that need to go in the sin bin are:
Gluten, Sugar, Soy, Corn, Peanuts, Dairy and Eggs

The reasons to avoid these may not initially be clear, but there are good reasons for each, and the benefits can quickly be obvious and life changing.

Resources and special food supplements are available to help make sticking to the plan much easier – find out more throughout the site